Best citrus juicer – Top 5 Review 2020

Do you like the juices made of grapefruit, limes, oranges, and lemons? So you should find out a best citrus juicer. This juicers are are available in both electric and manual design. You should choose one as your requirements. There have over dozens of benefits of consuming citrus fruits at breakfast. Did you know that vitamin C and the antioxidants in oranges are a perfect ally against aging and gastrointestinal problems? By consuming your juice daily we will achieve multiple benefits. However, citrus fruits have many more benefits to offer especially if we consume them at breakfast. In the following article, we will tell you some of the advantages of enjoying these delicious fruits first thing in the morning.


Choosing the best citrus juicer can be a daunting task because there are lots of Juicer brands to choose from. It is important to follow expert suggestions to get the right citrus juicer. When shopping for a citrus juicer, the first things to consider is the ‘Type’ and ‘Motor Power’. Electric models have a motor that work at 110 – 120V allowing users to press one fruit at a time, while the manual or mechanical types require pressing, squeezing, rolling and squishing a fruit onto a reamer because they lack motors.

An electric model is preferable because it is faster, more efficient and less burdensome to operate.

In terms of motor power, the bigger its electric rating, the lower the chances that it will slow down or jam while the reamer is been pressed down with a fruit.

What Is citrus Juice:

Citrus is rich, healthy, natural, refreshing, it provides vitamins and has no preservatives, ideal to share with friends and family. It is the first citrus juice 100% squeezed from Argentina, not made from concentrate. Our citrus family was designed to adapt to all personalities and tastes with the best flavors that nature gives us. We combine the quality and confidence that our human and technical resources contribute in its elaboration, with the care of the natural. There are no secret formulas for its elaboration: it is only the juice of freshly harvested citrus fruits, thus achieving the same exquisite taste of freshly squeezed juice. You should find out a best citrus juicer to extract citrus juice properly.

Properties of Citrus Fruits (Which You Did Not Know)

The idea is to demystify a little the great power of oranges, lemons or tangerines, but not to deny their ability to strengthen the immune system, but to know that they have many more properties.

Beyond helping us to cure a cold (or to avoid suffering it) due to its contribution of vitamin C, a citrus has much more to offer. It is an inexhaustible mine of natural benefits that is worth taking advantage of at any time of the year. Overall, a best citrus juicer helps to retain all the properties of citrus fruits.

We Detail Some of These Advantages of Consuming Citrus Fruits:

1. Care and Tone the Skin:

Tangerines provide us with medicinal and cosmetic benefits thanks to vitamin C. Not only do we have to consume it, but it also serves as the main ingredient in a homemade mask.

For what do you use it? To tone the complexion, remove impurities and treat irritations. However, in regard to the intake of this fruit is known to improve blood circulation.

2. They Reduce Stress:

Oranges, in particular, are very good allies in your battle against fatigue, chronic fatigue, and nerves. This is because it has very beneficial substances (including calcium, iron, and magnesium) that reduce stress. These elements also enhance vision, improve intestinal transit and strengthen bones.

Thanks to citrus acids and mineral salts, orange improves our mood. That is why it is advisable to drink a delicious juice in the morning. Smiles assured for the whole day!

3. Treat Viral Diseases:

Lemon fights viral diseases and helps us lose weight. However, it has also been proven that it serves to eliminate the depression, apathy and lack of concentration so frequent once we return to work after the holidays.

This syndrome that brings anxiety, bad mood and headache can be treated simply by adding this citrus to salads. In turn, it is recommended to drink lemon tea in the morning (half an hour before breakfast) to feel more lively and balance emotions.

4. Fight Insomnia:

In this case, we will use another part of the tree (not the fruit). The orange leaves are ideal to relax at the time of bedtime. Unlike juice, it is advisable to drink a tea at night to get these results.

Its sedative properties will make you sleep for a few minutes and rest as appropriate. During the day (including breakfast) this infusion can help lower fever, relieve headaches and treat digestive problems, especially when caused by stress and nerves.

5. Eliminate Toxins:

Grapefruit is a well known among citrus fruit that has wonderful depurative properties. It is ideal to eliminate toxins that accumulate in the body.

As if This Was Not Enough, This Fruit Also Helps Us:

  • Prevent anemia
  • Reduce blood cholesterol levels.
  • Decrease high blood pressure.
  • Balance the amount of sugar in the blood.

At the same time it has antiseptic properties. If you consume a grapefruit juice fasting, you can burn accumulated fat in the stomach area.


Q: What are the ingredients of citrus?

  A: All citrus juices contain 100% natural juice squeezed out of citrus fruits. The presentations of peach orange and strawberry orange also contain peach or strawberry pulp. The lemonade contains lemon juice squeezed with a touch of water and sugar.

Q: How many calories do Citrus Juices have?

 A: Depending on the fruit that is used to make it, the drinks have certain Kcal per serving of 200 ml. The orange juice contains 82 kcal. The peach orange juice contains 81 kcal. The strawberry orange juice contains 77 kcal. The blood orange juice contains 82 kcal. Grapefruit juice contains 59 kcal. The lemonade contains 86 kcal. Chef lemon juice contains 5 kcal.

Q: Do the juices contain sugar?

 A: The juices do not have added sugar, the sugar present in the juices is the proper one of the fruit. The only juice that has added sugar is the Lemonade.

Q: Do they contain fats?

 A: They do not contain fats. They provide water, carbohydrates (sugars and fiber), proteins, vitamins and minerals.

Q: Does Citrus contain preservatives?

 A: Our juices packed in Tetra Pak, for the type of packaging (aseptic) are free of preservatives. Our juices packed in drums, for the type of packaging (semi-aseptic) contain preservatives in the quantities allowed and approved by the Argentine Food Code. These preservatives prevent the alteration of food caused by microorganisms or enzymes present in the nature of the fruit. The preservatives we use are: potassium sorbate (INS 202), sodium benzoate (INS 211) and ascorbic acid (INS 300) as an antioxidant.

Q: Is it necessary for Citrus to be refrigerated before opening?

 A: Being juice 100% squeezed and pasteurized, citrus must be kept in the refrigerator. The refrigeration temperature should be between 2º and 8º C. It is not advisable to freeze them. The only juice that is not necessary to keep in the fridge, is the orange juice of 250 cc, because the technology of the container Tetra Pak Prisma allows to keep the juices out of the refrigerator without losing its essential characteristics and its flavor.

Q: What does it mean that Citrus is pasteurized juice?

 A: It means that they have been subjected to a heat treatment to prolong their useful life. The objective of pasteurization is to make the juice a stable product during its treatment and subsequent storage.

Q: What is the shelf life of the juice?

 A: Citrus, in its presentation of Tetra Pak (250 cc., 500 cc., 1 liter and 1.5 liters), has a shelf life of 6 months from the time of its preparation. Once opened, it should be consumed within 72 hours. The 3 liter drums have a duration of 45 days. Once opened, they must be consumed within 5 days.

Q: Is citrus suitable for coeliacs?

 A: Yes. All our juices are suitable for coeliacs because their composition does not contain wheat, oats, barley or rye (TACC), nor is any derivative thereof used for its preparation.

Omega Juicers J8007S
Omega Juicers J8007S

After over 35 hours of testing and examining an extensive list of  best citrus juicer, here is a review of the top 5 best citrus juicer in 2020.

best citrus juicer COMPARISON TABLE

best manual juicer
best cold press juicer








Amazon Price

Cuisinart CCJ-500 Pulp Control Citrus Juicer

Cuisinart Ccj-500 Control Brushed Stainless

An adjustable auto-reversing reamer features

25 watts

3 Years


Eurolux Elcj-1700s Citrus Juicer

Have removable universal cone and filter

160 Watts

1 Year

Gourmia Epj100 Citrus Press Juicer

Gourmia Epj100 Citrus Press Juicer

It has SmartFlo Filter System which helps eliminate pulp and pith.

160 Watts


Breville 800CPXL Die-Cast Stainless-Steel Motorized Citrus Press

Breville 800cpxl Motorized Citrus Press

One-size-fits-all juicing cone provides maximum juice extraction

110 Watts

1 Year

Tribest CS-1000 CitriStar Electric Citrus Juicer-1

Tribest Citristar Cs- 1000 Citrus Juicer

Stainless steel spout.

50 watts

1 Year

Recommended BEST CITRUS JUICER Reviews


A best citrus juicer review would be incomplete without mentioning the Cuisinart CCJ-500. This handy appliance is a lot like a manual citrus juicer because it uses a reamer that requires its users to apply some pressure to fruits to squeeze out contents, it also uses a motor that rotates the reamer to get plenty of contents out. Its brushed stainless steel encasement can put up with the most demanding situations.


  • Adjustable 3-step Pulp Filter
  • Switch-up Sprout
  • One Touch Operation
  • Included Recipe Book
  • Auto Reverse and Final Spin Features
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Cleanup is tasking primarily due to the numerous tiny holes in the pulp baskets.
  • It is considerably noisy.
  • Complicated controls.


​This best citrus juicer has an attractive stainless body that can last for years because of its durability. The juicing system is one of the most powerful with its 160-watt electric motor. A lot of folks will be fascinated by its compact size as it won’t take up a lot of space on your kitchen counter. In addition to its beautiful design, the Eurolux ELCJ-1700S is very easy to clean and operate.


Integrated Filter

This feature captures piths and pulp for cleaner and richer juice extraction.

Stainless Steel

It is made of stainless steel so there are no chances of ruining the juice because of corrosion or rust.

160-Watt Motor

Powerful but silent motor for faster juicing and effortless use

Automatic Start/Stop

Easy to operate by simply pressing the handle down to start and release pressure to stop.

Suction Cups

These ensure the table top is not marred and perfect base setting

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • The juice receiving cup is only 5 ¼” tall.
  • Poor build quality.

Gourmia Epj100 Citrus Press Juicer

The Gourmia EPJ100 juicer is a great product worth buying for individuals that want a simple way to prepare fresh fruit juice. Despite its small size and affordable price tag, this automatic juicer has a lot to offer.

This kitchen appliance is very easy to use and clean, and no doubt is a perfect product that guarantees highly nutritious juice.


SmartFlo Filter System

The SmartFlo Filter System helps eliminate pulp and pith from your juice. Its filter design is stringent and prevents small, chewy bits from getting into your juice.

For people looking to make freshly squeezed juice that feels like it comes straight out of a box, then the Gourmia EPJ100 is the ideal appliance to buy.

160-Watt Motor

An automatic juicer is expected to have a powerful motor to get the job done effectively and in good time. The Gourmia EPJ100 has a whopping 160-watt motor and delivers effectively on this part. It can squeeze the last drop of juice from your fruit of choice.

Easy Squeeze Presser Arm

Another catchy feature of this machine is its presser arm that keeps users from having to press on the fruit during juicing. It is ideal for people with arthritis and issues with their wrists as they would not to have the vibration generated from the reamer. It also ensures that the fruit is pressed down for the best results.

Modern Stainless Steel Body

The Gourmia EPJ100 comes top in terms of appearance. Its stainless steel body gives a modern and professional look. The smart combination of stainless steel and black makes it a good minimalist piece that will look nice in any kitchen.

Smart Cone

This feature gives it an ability to juice any citrus, guaranteeing functionality and offering great variety to users.

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • It cannot handle a lot of fruits.
  • Some parts are made of plastic, so they might break and need replacement.

Breville 800cpxl Motorized Citrus Press

For people that like beautifully designed home appliances, the Breville 800CPXL is a fascinating product, it is attractive and extracts juice with ease.This automatic best citrus juicer is an amazing model that adds beauty to the kitchen and provides highly nutritious juice.

This best citrus juicer is aheavy-duty performer when it comes to juicing. Although it requires a substantial budget, it is durable and performs extraction with amazing ease.


Brushed Stainless Steel Body

This unit’s has a brushed finish stainless steel body making it appear expensive and elegant. Its minimalist feel makes it perfect for any kitchen.

Its look and functionality makes it an excellent kitchen equipment that help juicers make thousands of glasses of freshly squeezed juice over the long time.

2 Stainless Steel Filters

These filters help in ensuring that minimal pulp gets into the final juice, the amount of pulp that ends in the juice can be regulated with these filters.For juice lovers that want more pulp, replacing the filters with slats allows as much pulp as is desired to end up in the extracted contents. Switching between the filters and slats is very easy and gives users more control.

One-Size-Fits-All, Acid Resistant, Die-Cast Reamer

The Breville 800CPXL is equipped with a one-size-fits-all reamer for juicing different citrus fruits, meaning users do not have to keep track of a different sized cone in case any is lost. In addition, the cone is made with acid-resistant, die-cast so it won’t corrode or rust after some amount of usage.

110-Watt Whisper-quiet Motor

The Breville 800CPXL features a powerful but quiet motor, so you can easily do your thing without getting a headache or disturbing the household.

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • It is a bulky unit.
  • It is quite expensive.

Tribest Citristar Cs-1000citrus Juicer

The Tribest Citristar makes this list because it is not just easy to use, but because it is a juicer of exceptional quality. It is easy to use, makes little noise during usage and requires little time in setting up. It extracts juice in quick time, extracts plenty amount of juice and does not leak or drip. It is truly one of the best citrus juicer of 2020.

Furthermore, its high stainless steel spout ensures there is no clogging and allows for continuous use.


  • A 110-volts 50-watts motor
  • A stainless steel spout.
  • One year warranty
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • No pulp regulation control options on the juicer.
  • Position of steel spout is rather low, meaning one can only use small containers to receive the juice.


There are many masticating juicer and centrifugal juicer in the market but the incredibly powerful Breville 800PXL Die-cast citrus juicer comes out top of our best citrus juicer for 2020. With its powerful and highly functional electric motor, it can extract juice from any citrus in very quick time without any hassles.


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