The Dangers of Juicing You Should Not Overlook

Dangers of Juicing! What is it? Oh! It’s been a very tiring day outside of your home. Work, lectures, long hours of talking and exerting energy have really gotten to you. It feels great to be back home.

So, what do you do to refresh yourself and cool down? Well, if you’re like me, you go straight to your fridge, take a cup of cold juice, and gulp it down and probably take some more. So refreshing isn’t it? That is the power and benefits of juicing.

We all desire to have that beautiful glowing skin we admire on models, or that perfect body shape, or the energy to go about our daily activities. This is probably why we adopted juicing as a way of working towards our desires. Truly, juicing offers so many health benefits. It has been a crucial part of many weight loss programs and detox. However, drinking juice in the wrong way can cause a whole lot of complications and damage to our body system.

benefits of juicing



Whether you blend a particular fruit or a couple of fruits into a liquid form at home, or you purchase a ready made mixture for your consumption, juicing refers to the act of taking in liquid form, a blended mixture of fruits. Juicing, for some is a daily affair while for others, it is once in a blue moon.

For some people, juicing is to enhance weight loss, for others, it could be a part of a daily healthy regimen; for others yet, it’s just a good habit they have formed over the years. For whatever intent and purpose, juicing is no doubt very beneficial.

While juicing could be a way out of shedding that unnecessary weight, nutritionist seems to agree that there is a measure of danger associated with gulping down that cup of juice. Surprised? Well, medical personnel have said that juicing not only poses some mental challenge, it also comes with some physical dangers.

So, what hazards could be associated with juicing? Let’s find out some of these Dangers of Juicing.


It Could Lead to the Decay of One’s Tooth

Apart from the tongue, the tooth perhaps has the first contact with the juice we take. This contact makes the tooth recipient of the high natural sugar contained in any fruit juice. Furthermore, the acidic content of the juices we get from our vegetables and fruits are on the high side and the tooth can suffer decay and rot when we consume juice.

Common mistake of juicing
Top 10 Common Mistakes in Juicing That You Don't Know
benefits of juicing
1. Letting your juice sit for too long
Juicing is a little bit tedious; from cutting the fruits and veggies to extraction. Although it's a bit tedious and time-consuming, the benefits that you will gain from the extracted juice is enough reward.

However, most of us prefer to let the juice sit for long before we drink it. This is actually a waste of the efforts spent in juicing as the enzymes and nutrients deplete rapidly.

What we fail to realize is that once the enzymes and nutrients are exposed to air, they begin to degrade immediately, so to get the best from the extracted juice, it is advised to drink within 2 hours of juice. Although, storing the juice in airtight containers can make the nutrients last longer.

Increase of Sugar Level in the Blood

2. Lack of greens in the juice

Sugar is an essential component of our blood system. It is expected that the blood sugar level in our body should neither be too high nor too low. Juicing could actually contribute to a high level of sugar level in one’s blood because most fruits contain sugar, and also diabetic people need sugar free juice. This sugar is taken up and processed quickly by the body. This increase may be dangerous for some people especially those with diabetic conditions.

Common mistake of juicing

Puts a Person at Risk of Food Poisoning and Diseases

3. Drinking juice at the wrong time 

One of the dangers of juicing is the possibility of being exposed to illnesses and diseases. How, you may ask? When one drinks juice extracted from vegetables and fruits that are not carefully washed or preserved, there is a high risk of getting infected from the activities of bacteria on such fruits.

In fact, the consumption of contaminated or spoilt fruits is a sure way of getting food poison and some of the fruits and vegetables we use while we process our juice are actually spoilt even when they look fresh outside.

Ordinarily, a strong immune system should be able to fight the bacterial contamination from consuming spoilt fruits, but some people’s immune systems are weak. Such people may include the elderly and children.

Drinking juice with heavy meals is a very common mistake of juicing. Such mistakes not only rids you of the benefits of juicing but also cause acid reflux and indigestion. Therefore, to avoid such discomforts, drinking juice before eating breakfast is the best option.

When you drinking juice at least 20 minutes before meals, the body system will absorb the nutrients faster and more efficiently, than when you combine it with heavy meals. Furthermore, the only exception is when you drink juice with salad and raw vegetable dishes since they are digested and absorbed at the same rate.

Juicing Could Contribute to Weight Gain

4. Thinking that it's a replacement for food

Is it not surprising that the very weight some people try to shed will actually multiply through juicing? Wait a minute! Isn’t that contradictory to what was said above about juicing being an effective way of shedding weight? No it is not.

The high sugar content and absence of nutritional fiber in some of the juices we consume could produce calories in excess. When this happens, an increase in weight may be the result. Also, fruit juices dislodge other types of food in the stomach and may prevent one from getting the suggested daily balanced diet.

Most people might think that juicing can serve as a substitute, but I'll say this is a recipe for disaster. You must, however, know that juicing will never take the place of solid food. That is why balanced diets are important; from the grains to the meat to the dairy products. So, to avoid cases of fatigue, unconsciousness and dizziness, try to balance juicing with solid food.

Juicing Could Contribute to Stress

5. Putting in random ingredients

Stress, caused by various things is no doubt an unpleasant situation. Our bodies react to stress differently. One of the dangers of juicing is that it may contribute to the stress level in the body. How?

Some people are involved in juicing as a form of system cleanser. This means that what the foods they consume are highly limited. This limitation in food options is actually no different from starvation, on a short term basis though. This form of diet has the tendency of aggravating the stress condition in the body because it increases a certain type of hormone referred to as cortisol. For people whose tolerance level of stress is low, the production of this hormone multiplies their propensity to stress.

Common mistake of juicing

Juicing Could Produce Discomfort

6. Drinking Juice in haste

Whatever one consumes no doubt goes through the intestine. When we consume juices extracted from some fruits, it releases a form of sugar in our body. This form of sugar called sorbitol cannot be digested by our bodies without the help of the bacteria in our intestines.

When the bacteria thus act on the sugar, it produces gas in the intestines which may make one feel a measure of discomfort. Apart from this intestinal discomfort, the form of sugar mentioned above attracts water into one’s intestines and the result is that watery stools are formed which may make your journey to the loo, frequent and embarrassing.

Just stop and ponder on this: You bought a high standard juicer at a very high cost, then you purchased top quality all-natural fruits and veggies, and after extracting the juice, you gulp it all in seconds. Let me ask you this; where is the joy in it.

Scientific studies show that digestion starts in the mouth. So, by taking little sips of the juice, you are allowing the digestive enzymes in your mouth to act on the food for faster absorption. Therefore, gulping juice in seconds denies you of the benefits of juicing.

Juicing Could Cause Disorder in One’s Eating Pattern.

7. Not using fresh produce

As tasty as drinking fruit juices could be, when it is the major thigh we consume without other foods, it has both emotional and physiological consequences.

One of such consequences is a disorder in one’s eating habit. This danger of juicing is not far from people whose purpose for juice consumption is for cleansing only. Such people adhere strictly to a dietary pattern and would not eat any other kind of food which is not on the cleansing regimen.

When such cleaning periods are over, a lot of people tend to consume more food than is necessary and in no time, they get on another cleansing regimen. This causes an imbalance and disorder in their eating pattern.

Juicing with non-organic food produce is probably one of the most common mistakes of juicing. These types of food produce expose you to the chemicals used in growing them. Therefore, important to use fresh and natural organic fruits and vegetables in order to derive maximum benefits. Furthermore, using frozen fruits are also great for juicing, since all the nutrients are locked in it.


8. Not Cold Pressed
  • You may want to drink your juice using a straw. This will limit the contact of the juice with your teeth.
  • Ascertain the condition of the fruits and vegetables you use in processing your juices.
  • For weight loss, you may want to consider the consumption of whole fruits which have high level of fibre.
  • People who are prone to eating disorder should be careful with juicing.
When you want to get a new juicer, it is preferable to get a masticating juicer. The type of juicer that you use for your juicing operations matters a lot in the amount of nutrients and enzymes that you will derive.

For you to get maximum goodness from your juice, a masticating juicer is required. A masticating juicer slowly crushes fruits and vegetables to 'squeeze' out the juice instead of using high speed to extract juice from pulp like a centrifugal juicer does.

This type of juicer uses a cold press technology to ensure that the nutrients and enzymes of the extracted juice are preserved, while a centrifugal juicer produces heat that destroys most of the nutrients in the juice.
9. Using the same juicing combination all the time
Common mistake of juicing


Juicing remains a good experience. Its numerous benefits must still be explored. It is however good that you proceed with caution. This is why you should be aware of the dangers of juicing.

Juicing is the right supplement for your diet, as it is all natural and does not come with any side effects. However, if practiced in a wrong way, it effects can lead to so many unfavorable conditions. Therefore, it is very important to get your juicing right, since it will greatly increase your chance of a healthy living.

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