Juicer Buying Guide – Expert Guide to Buy Juicers

Fresh juice is nutritious and delicious, and a great way to start the day but with so many available models on the market, finding the best juicer for your needs can be difficult and overwhelming. That's why our Juicer Buying Guide will give you best solution.


If you are new to juicing or would like to upgrade your current juicer, there are so many things to consider such as, which juicer can extract the most juice? Which will be ideal for spinach and wheat grass? Which juicers are versatile to make nut butter and ice cream? And the list goes on. The list of features stretches on.

For new juice lovers, and prospective juicers, it’s important to consider the advantages of juicing, before consider the right juicer to buy, here are a few reasons:

  • Fresh juice offers wonderful health benefits: Freshly pressed vegetable juices contain a high amount of alkaline and consuming them regularly improve energy levels, digestion, improves skin color, mental clarity and the general sense of well-being.
  • Fresh juice is the 15-minute nutrient express to health: for people with difficulties in digesting vegetables, fresh vegetable juices bypass that process by going directly into the bloodstream and are considered a 15-minute nutrient highway to good health. Homemade juices virtually do not contain harmful substances because they are as good as natural.
  • Juices allow you add a combination of fruits and vegetables to your diet: A lot of people do not get the chance to eat fruits and vegetables on a daily basis, juicing lets you enjoy a variety that you do not get eating whole. It is also an avenue to get the daily recommended daily serving of nutrient.

There are two major types of juicers to consider if you want juicers for your juicing needs; Centrifugal juicers and Masticating juicers and in our Juicer Buying Guide we will try to Focus deep research about them.

CENTRIFUGAL Juicer Buying Guide

CENTRIFUGAL Juicer Buying Guide

Centrifugal juicers are popular with juice lovers, these juicers are affordable and are readily available in retail stores.

Centrifugal juicers are good at extracting juice from most fruits and vegetables and get the job done in a very short time. They spin at very high speeds to crumble the fruits or vegetables and employ centrifugal force to isolate the juice from the pulp with the help of centrifugal forces.

When fruits or vegetables are pushed through the chute, they enter a mesh chamber comprised of razor sharp teeth on the floor. The first grate the fruit or vegetable into a pulp and then use centrifugal forces to push the pulp against a strainer screen by spinning around its chamber at a very high speed. The juice flows out through a spigot while the pulp is ejected into a separate collection chamber.

They can level soft and hard fruits, make nut butter, sorbet and baby food, but are less effective with leafy greens.


  • They extract fresh juice quicker than other juicers
  • They are less expensive than other categories of juicers
  • Majority of them are easy to clean
  • They often have wide feed chutes so you do not have to cut fruits into smaller parts
  • A number of them come with large juice jugs and pulp containers


  • Some models can be noisy
  • Although smaller options are available, a majority of them are bulky
  • Filter can be hard to clean but they come with cleaning brushes
  • Some parts vibrate as a result of the high speeds at which they spin
  • They produce more pulp, as well as watery pulp
  • Not good for leafy greens juicing or wheatgrass juicing
    • Juice produced is not as nutritious as those produced by other types of juicers

MASTICATING Juicer Buying Guide

MASTICATING Juicer Buying Guide

If you are a real fan of raw foods and desire to invest in that superb machine that will make your food wishes come true, a masticating juicer is your best option. While centrifugal juicers may seem like a cheap substitute, it comes short in terms of the nutritional values of your juice.

They extract more nutrients and juices extracted with these juicers tend to have longer shelf-life than juice extracted with centrifugal juicers. This is because a masticating juicer greatly minimizes the amount of oxidation that occurs during the juicing process.

Masticating juicers are slow juicers that do not involve spinning, this helps to retain the nutrients in your fruits and vegetables, and this makes them the most preferred type of juicer. The low RPMs of these juicers ensure low waste and high yield. They are good at extracting juice from any fruit and vegetable like spinach, wheat grass, lettuce and other herbs and leafy greens.

When produce is pushed through the chute, juice is first extracted through a crushing stage and squeezed during a second pressing stage before the pulp is ejected.


  • Slow and silent operation
  • More juice and enzymes are produced at each juicing
  • Juice produced by these juicers has lasting freshness than its counterpart
  • Well suited to wheat grass and leafy greens


  • They produce juice with more pulp
  • Masticating juicers are slow, so they take longer to produce an equal amount of as centrifugal juicers
  • They cost more



Your ideal juicer should have parts which are easy to assemble, disassemble, easy to clean.


You will prefer a juicer that takes less space on your counter top.

Pulp container

This needs to be big enough so you won’t have to keep stopping the machine to empty it.


This should be properly tucked in, away from little fingers.

Cleaning brushes

Necessary for cleaning around blade area and filters where pieces can be trapped.


For centrifugal juicers, multiple speeds are ideal. High speed suits hard fruits/vegetables while low speeds suits fruits/vegetables.

Reverse function

For masticating juicers, the reverse function comes in handy when you need to unclog the filter.


A large one is ideal, so you do not have to be emptying the jug halfway through processing.


A large chute means you don’t have to chop fruits and vegetables before processing.

Good luck as you prepare to make your ideal juicer purchase. If you like our Juicer Buying Guide reviews you can check some of our recommended best centrifugal and masticating Juicers from our list

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