Omega 8008 Juicer Review | Heavy Duty Masticating Juicer

The Omega 8008 juicer is another impressive addition to the line of the Omega 8000 series of juicers. This 8008 model comes after the 8003, 8004, 8005, 8006, 8007 series. Arguably, the most popular in the previous model is the Omega 8006 series. However, it will interest you to know that the Omega 8008 juicer is an upgraded version to that model and it does hold out some superior new features in comparison. This review will convince you on why you should buy the 8008 model if you are shopping for a new juicer.


The Omega 8008 juicer is a heavy duty masticating juicer has been equipped to effectively handle more functions than the previous models. It is designed to be efficient in both juicing and non-juicing tasks like- chopping, pureeing, mincing and grinding. The efficiency comes from the no-zero heat produced after usage. This advantage is due to the GE Ultem auger fitted into the engine, which rotates at around 80 revolutions per minute; this is eight times more effective than what the previous models boast of.

The design of the 8008 models slicker; as it now comes in a shining stainless steel make, compared to the plastic design of the Omega 8006 model. This additional stainless steel screen area produces more quantity of juice. At a weight of just 13 pounds, there is much compactness in the size, facilitating easier control for the user. The handle has been configured to allow your hand better grip on it. A remarkable improvement in the design of the Omega 8008 juicer over the 8006 model is that it is BPA free. Let us now look at the features of this 8008 model comprehensively.

Features of the Omega 8008 Juicer

It is BPA Free

BPA, known biologically as bisphenol-A, is chemical that is most commonly used in food containers, baby bottles and hygiene products to line the inner part of such containers, to make them strong and resilient to corrosion and breakage. However, many experts have argued that it is toxic and should not be used in items to be ingested into the human body. This juicer model is free from BPA, as against previous models.

Easy to Assemble and Use

It doesn’t take up to a minute to assemble this juicer for use. It is easy to fit your sliced fruits down the feed chute, while the food tray can now contain more fruits to be juiced than with previous models. Only slight pressure is needed to operate the juicer and there is a plunger that makes it easy to get the fruits into the barrel. It is recommended to juice soft materials separate from the harder ones to prevent fruits getting hung up in the barrel.

Additionally, you can clear up fruit clogs by pressing the reverse button severally to expel the clogged item from the opposite direction. This model is intensive in juicing, so you can still squeeze out extra juice from your pulp. Use the sieve only after juicing is complete.

Moderate Speed

The Omega 8008 juicer requires an electric power of about 110-120 volts for it to run at a speed of 80 revolutions per minute. While this may seem like a slow speed to some, it actually has some advantages. It allows you better control and multitasking. While the machine is extracting the items you put in it, you can at the same time be cutting up the next batch to feed into it. The comparatively lower speed also means there won’t be a mess all over as might be the case with a centrifugal juicer. This moderate speed also ensures the juice comes out with lesser foam.

Easy to Clean

Except for the filter area that you have to clean with the brush that came with the machine, the juicer is generally easy to clean. Even when mashed fruits get stuck close to the spinning screw, you simply put more fruits to clear it out. Cleaning out the whole of the machine normally shouldn’t take more than five minutes. It is preferable to wash it outside of your dishwasher and you should be careful to rinse off any residue before they stick to the screen.

Quality Juice Extract

As already mentioned, the juice produced from this juicer has less foam, due to the moderate speed of the machine. It will interest you to know that the machine extracts as much juice as you can get from your fruits and vegetables without taking away the nutrients and vitamins derivable from your juice. The quality of the juice produced is excellent such that your juice can stay fresh up to 72 hours without refrigeration.

Serves non-juicing Purposes Too

This is actually good value for money, when you can get the function of many at the price of one. In addition to juicing, your Omega 8008 juicer can also serve the functions of a coffee grinder- grind your coffee beans for a cup of smooth blend coffee. It could be used in a food processing capacity for fish, meat, soaked rice and beans to make ingredients for your soups and sauces.

The machine serves as a homogenizer to produce yoghurt, baby food and nut butter. You can even make some yummy pasta with the help of this multi-purpose juicer; the complimentary nozzle that comes with the machine makes this possible.

Other Features Are:

  • Weighs 20lbs
  • 15 years warranty
  • Same or lesser price with the 8006 model
  • Comes with one screen, a cleaning brush and 6 nozzles
  • Auger that is 8 times stronger than the 8006 model

What You Can Use It to Juice

  • Hard fruits like pumpkin, carrots, broccoli, pineapple, coconut, celery, beets, fennel, watermelon, pepper, apple, sweet potato, pear, ginger, asparagus, turmeric, cilantro, cauliflower, cucumber, garlic, pumpkin and lots more.
  • Soft fruits like strawberry, tomato, grapes, peach, avocado, blackberry, melon, grapes, papaya, cranberries, kiwifruit and a lot more.
  • Citrus fruits like orange, lime, mandarin, lemon, grapefruit and tangerine.
  • Leafy greens like basil, spring onion, lettuce, parsley, spinach, cabbage, greens, Moringa, collard greens, tree needles, kale, peppermint, wheatgrass, Brussels sprout, dandelion and much more.
  • Soy
  • Almond milk


  • The Omega 8008 juicer comes with a powerful grade monitor and auger that make it stronger and easy to squeeze than other juicers.
  • It produces less sound. It doesn’t make much noise.
  • It is faster and easier to clean.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • It squeezes out all the juice from anything you put in it.
  • One of the advantages is the speed. It is easy to control. It is not too fast and not too slow.
  • Omega 8008 juicer extracts juice very well unlike other juicers.
  • It is easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • The juice has less foam and tastes better.
  • It has a stronger screen.
  • It is good for wheatgrass and vegetables.


  • The screen is not easy to clean.
  • The waste bin and juice bin are a little bit small.
  • It has a small input throat which means you will have to cut up vegetables into smaller pieces.
  • It is a little bit expensive.
  • It clogs when you use it with softer fruits all through. You have to follow it up with harder fruits.

Take Idea About Omega 8008 Juicer Video

Video Source: Helena's Vegan Life



The Omega 8008 juicer appears to be a good bargain for money because, despite the significant improvements from the earlier models in the Omega 8000 juicer series, it still comes at a very pocket-friendly price. The fact that it serves many other functions apart from the primary juicing function is a significant advantage too.

With the several functions it can perform, one will expect that it might not last long, but it still comes with the 15-year warranty. This is very reassuring to the user, as you don’t have to worry about a replacement anytime soon. It also appears to be very economical, as it squeezes out as much juice as you can get from your fruits and vegetables. It is advised you alternate between hard and soft fruits to get best results.

Aside from the few cons pointed out, which are relatively minor ultimately are minor, customers generally enjoy the machine, from feedback seen. Due to the ease of use, it is suitable for everyday use and will not wear out from fatigue. The machine has encouraged many users to have to juice as part of their everyday life.

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