Best Omega Juicers J8007S Review – One Of The Top Juicer

When it comes to juicing, lots of people consider masticating juicers as a very good choice for making fresh homemade juice. The reasons are not far-fetched, unlike high speed centrifugal juicers, masticating juicers gently grind and extract contents a variety of fruits and vegetables, including wheat grass. It extracts the contents with little or no heat, thereby increasing the shell-life of the extracted juice. As a result of little generated heat during extraction, masticating juicers extract fresh juice with minimal oxidation, hence a higher quality juice with longer shelf life. Omega Juicers J8007S is a masticating juicer with a low speed of 80 rpm.

Omega Juicers J8007S


However, it is not its low speed that makes it impressive. Omega Juicers J8007S is an upgrade of the Omega J8004/J8006 featuring a larger tray, a longer pusher stick, a detachable funnel, and more durable BPA-free parts, it also comes fitted with 2 horsepower motor that allows it handle tough and fibrous fruits better than other masticating juicers.

It gets more interesting. This best juicer can do more than just juice extraction; it is a complete food processor, it can grind coffee, make pasta, chop meat and fish, and mince ingredients for marinades. Furthermore, it can function as homogenize for baby food and nut butter.

Simply put, the Omega J8007S is an efficient juicer that extracts juice with convenience.

Omega Juicers J8007S


  • Mums
  • Housewives
  • Chefs
  • Dieters
  • Everyone who lives a healthy lifestyle


Omega Juicers J8007S Review

2 horsepower motor, 80rpm speed

This juicer comes with a 2Hp motor that makes it possible to juice all kind of fruits and vegetables without stalling; as a result,This is why it is top Omega Juicer Brand.

The slow speed of the motor ensures efficient juice extraction, the result is a refreshing juice that is not oxidized, and can last for 3 days.

Dual stage masticating system with an ultem auger gear

Omega Juicers J8007S comes with a masticating system that first shreds the fruits and vegetables, before pressing out the juice, this system ensures that maximum juice is extracted.

The Ultem Auger on the other hand is a stronger gear that makes it easy for the juice extractor to process hard and fibrous items including nuts.

Omega Juicers J8007S

Automatic Pulp Ejection

This juicer also comes with an automatic pulp ejection mechanism, an impressive feature that allows for continuous juicing without stopping to cleanup.

Unlike other juicers that come with an attached pulp bin, Omega J8007 juicer ejects pulp externally even during juicing, this is possible because it operates on low speed without splashing pulp. Thus it makes clean up afterwards easier.

1.5 inch round feed chute and a long plunger

Omega J8007S features a chute size of 1.5 inches for feeding produce into the machine. Although it is quite small, and will require initially cutting of fruits and vegetables, a longer plunger makes it more enduring. A long plunger applies more pressure and ensures that the items reach the auger for a smoother operation.

Large Food Tray

The juicer also has a large food tray to make up for the small feed tube.

The tray holds the produce as you feed them into the machine. A large tray holds more items. Therefore, it allows you to have a more convenient juicing experience. It also cuts down on the time required for preparation.

High Quality Material

This feature especially differentiates the Omega J8007S from the 8004S/8006S, instead of the usual stainless steel parts; J8007S comes with durable plastic parts. Most importantly, these parts are BPA -free and do not chip off easily.

Dishwasher Safe Parts

Finally, Omega juicer J8007S features removable dishwasher safe parts that make cleanup easy.

It also comes with a cleaning brush for dislodging pulp from the sieve before washing. However, rinsing parts with water immediately after use ensures stains are not retained.

The removable parts on the other hand are easy to assemble.


  • It produces high quality juice.
  • It is efficient for leafy vegetables.
  • It has a small footprint.
  • It extracts more juice.
  • It has BPA free parts.
  • It does not come with a juice collector.
  • It can serve as a food processor and homogenizer.
  • It can handle hard fruits.
  • It is quiet.
  • Juice has a longer shelf life.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • It generates minimal heat.


  • It requires precutting of fruits and vegetables.
  • It is slow.
  • Pulp gets into the juice.
  • It takes up space.
  • It is expensive.

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Q: Is there any difference between this model and the Omega J8004S/J8006S?

  A: Yes, there is. Although they look the same, Omega Juicers J8007S is an upgraded model with improved features.

Q: Can it extract oil from coconut?

 A: yes it can, and even more.

Q: Does Omega juicer J8007S have a reverse knob?

 A: the 8007S has a reverse option that can be found on the switch. This often helps to clear jams.

Q: Is this masticating juicer only restricted to greens?

 A: Omega J8007S can also extract juice from other fruits. It handles apples, carrots, celery, cucumber and ginger well.

Q: Can it also handle soft fruits like pear?

 A: This juicer may find it difficult to juice soft fruits.

Q: Does the juice extracted contain pulp?

 A: Actually it contains some pulp. However the juicer comes with a strainer you can use after juicing.

Omega Juicers J8007S



Agreed, Omega juicer J8007S like other masticating juicers is quite slow and expensive when you compare it to centrifugal juicers. However, it has many advantages and features that make it worth considering.

Omega J8007S has more functions than other masticating juicers. With its Ultem Auger gear, 2hp motor and extra-long plunger, it can handle hard fruits better than most masticating juicers; furthermore, it is also a multipurpose food processor.

The Omega Juicers J8007S may be slow, but for people who are patient, it makes an excellent juicer. Indeed, because with this juicer, you will be getting a durable juicer that extracts high quality juice from fruits, greens and nuts. At the same time you have a coffee grinder, a homogenizer and a mincer.

Omega Juicers J8007S
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