Omega VRT330s Juicer I Best Slow Masticating Juicer

Just as its name implies Omega VRT330s Juicer vertical masticating juicer is an ultimate juice extractor that effectively incorporates the functions of grinding, chewing and squeezing fruits and vegetables, Omega VRT330s Juicer also specializes in separating puree fruits and vegetables intofibre or juice, it uses its spinning blade to puree vegetables and fruits and separates the juice derived from its pulp.


This juicer has a compact vertical design that makes it sleek and stylish, it does not take up much space in the kitchen, despite its small and solid size it has all the functionalities of a highly efficient and effective masticating juice extractor.

It comes with a single auger that makes use of the LSCT (Low Speed Technology System) method, it is the first juicer in the world to utilize the LSTS method, with this method, the juicer can effectively extract maximum nutrients, minerals, vitamins and juice from minimum fruits and vegetables and greens.

Whom is this Product Designed For:

Omega VRT330s slow masticating vertical juicer is designed for individuals that want rich, nourishing juices, such people may include:

  1. Chefs
  2. Vegetarians
  3. Housewives
  4. Students
  5. Dieticians

Features of Omega VRT330s Juicer:

Omega VRT330s Juicer Assamble

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Low speed technology system

One typical feature of this Omega VRT330s Juicer is its low speed technology system, it operates at a low speed of 80 RPM, hence, because of its low speed the level of foaming and frothing is greatly reduced during juicing process, this further prevents the oxidation in the fruits and vegetables, this also guarantees the preservation of the juice. Juice can therefore be stored for 72 hours without fear of losing value, degrading or juice separation.

This feature makes it to be highly favoured, it ensures that the quality of the final output is retained, its inbuilt low speed technology system is a complete deviation from other masticating juicers, it is regarded as the World first juicer to adopt the low speed technology system.

Automatic wiping system

Another core feature of this juice extractor is its capability to make itself clean, it is modelled with a silicone wiping blade that constantly ensures that the juicer’s screen is cleared of excess pulp during juicing process. The self-cleaning screen holder relieves the stress of cleaning and saves time.

Double Stage juicing

As a result of its dual stage juicing, the juice output is higher in comparison to other juicers, it efficiently extracts every juice from the fruits and vegetables put into it, after the first stage, the pulp is squeezed the second time in other to adequately extract every drop of juice and the pulp comes out very dry, in fact, the ejected pulp is drier than other juicers. At the first stage, the fruit is crushed, while at the second stage, the remaining juice is totally squeezed out, thereby resulting in higher juice quantity and extremely dry pulp.

Silent Operation

Unlike centrifugal juicers, Omega VRT330S slow masticating juicer silently carries out its juicing operation, the noise is greatly minimized as a result of its slow juicing pace, rather than grind fruits and vegetables, it slowly squeezes thereby causing a reduction the level of noise. It comes with an Auger that is 8x harder than other juicers. So, you can conveniently play your favourite songs while juicing and you don’t have to worry about your sleeping baby when juicing, with the use of Omega VRT330s juicer silence is guaranteed.

Built in Reverse Mode

It is structured with an inbuilt reverse mode that helps to prevent clogging of food particles in the juicer, with its reverse mode, there is no fear of fruits or vegetables getting stuck into the juicer.

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  • As a result of its vertical structure, it takes up minimal space on the kitchen counter.
  • It squeezes out juice from fruits and vegetables silently; no noise is generated during juicing process.
  • Itself-cleaning feature makes clean easier and saves time
  • Higher juice quality and quantity is guaranteed.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Very economical, you can get maximum output from your fruits and vegetables.
  • It comes with a 10 years’ warranty, which further proves that Omega RVT330s masticating juicer is of high quality.
  • Little effort is exerted to get the best juicing result.


  • It functions majorly as a juicer, unlike the horizontal juicers, it’s versatility is limited.
  • Its feeding chute might be considered slightly small by others.
  • It weights approximately 11.5, which might also be considered slightly heavy.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will this juicer be able to make fruit sorbet?

Answer: Am sorry, but it won’t be able to make that, it is not an ice cream maker, it is exclusively designed to juice fruits and vegetables.

Can the parts be cleaned in a dishwasher?

Answer: Yes, but only the plastic parts should be cleaned in a dishwasher.

Is it a cold press juicer?

Answer: Exactly, it is a cold press juicer

Does the warranty guarantee all parts?

Answer: Absolutely, you have nothing to fear, as the warranty extends to all parts of the juicer.

Is it easy to carry around?

Answer: Due to its weight, it is advisable to permanently place it on a flat space (counter top).

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Final Verdict

For people that are interested in deriving optimum benefits from fruits and vegetables but are on budget, Omega RVT330s slow vertical Masticating juicer is the best choice, it is guaranteed to give good value for money. Although it might not seem like the perfect option for multi-purpose juicing, but it is surely the best option for juicing fruits and all kinds of vegetables.

Its speed during juicing process ensures that the cellular structure of fruits and vegetables are intact, thereby, preserving the natural nutrients and minerals of fruits and vegetables. It is well constructed with quality and sturdy materials. It is a contemporary design that meets and exceeds the quality standards of other juicers and features efficiency in a stylish form.

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